Wednesday, 22 December 2010

2 Week Countdown

It is officially 14 days until we head out to New York!

As much as this excites me, it also fills me with a great sense of panic, as I am in no way, shape or form, ready. This is the first year I've dragged myself to buy a coat for goodness sake, so the chances of me having gloves, scarves, hats, or any clothing remotely warm for January in the Big Apple is out of the question.

But have no fear, for Topshop is here! (I would like to take this time to apologise to my debit card in advance.)
Usually I cannot stand 'winter chic' and I am certainly not a fan of 'layers'. The idea of being snuggly and cosy in all my items of knitwear is indeed, a warming thought, but the harsh reality hit home when I caught reflection of myself in a passing window - goodbye angelic snow Queen, hello Yeti.

Despite this, I've created a little montage (can you tell I study in the 'Art and Design' school?) of items that I need to purchase, in order to be a successful tourist in NY. Requirements include: fashionable, yet warm. Stylish, yet practical.
And here is the shortlist:

Leather Sheepskin lined Headband £25 TOPSHOP - Chiffon Lurex Snood £18 TOPSHOP - Star Stud Leather Gloves £18 TOPSHOP - Faux Fur Buckle Gilet £80 TOPSHOP - Chunky Cable Knit Over-The-Knee Sock £8 URBAN OUTFITTERS - Knitted Chain Crotchet Top £46 TOPSHOP - ARELLA Heeled Hiker Boots £50 TOPSHOP - Nails in Grunge £6 TOPSHOP - Vintage Cherub Necklace £18 AURORA BLOOM

NB: if anyone just so happens to want to be a darl and help poor little pauper me in gaining these clothes, then feel free to drop me your credit card details in the comment box below...

- It's funny, because I remember reading a novel by Lindsey Kelk not so long ago. The appropriately titled I Heart New York quickly became a page turner, and shortlisted as one of my favourite books, alongside Lauren Weisberger's Chasing Harry Winston and Everyone Worth Knowing.
Having finished it (I wont spoil the plot/I'm too lazy to go into details - read it yourself!), it became obvious that my dream was to move to New York and become a blogger for a magazine - so you can just imagine how much I feel like a human embodiment of the saying "living the dream" right now; although on a slightly smaller scale, as I'm not so much moving abroad and publishing to the masses, but embarking on a course trip and writing to a wide range of approx. 20 readers!
Nontheless, cliche though it may sound, the book is inspirational in a 'accessible to everyone' sort of way! I recommend it, thoroughly.
PLUS I discovered that there's a handy little guide to NY in the back of the book as well - so guess who's going to be looking like pro in the Big Apple snow!

With a bit of brown hair dye and a strict salad diet, it may as well be me on the cover!

And with only fourteen days and counting, it might be time to re-establish some faith: please God say that I will still be going, and will not end up being a victim of flight cancellation due to the snow...!

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