Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Weather Wise

So it seems that the latest topic between me and my fellow 'soon-to-be-New-Yorkers' is the major issue of the weather! With all this talk about flight cancellations at Heathrow, it's no wonder the world (eg: me) has been lead to panic.

I've decided to be a dedicated blogger, and provide you with some factual evidence - something which you would never usually associate me with!! With the help of my good friend Google, I came across several online articles and weather reports:

U.S. Northeast digs out after storm snarls travel

For a start, I've learnt that New York is in the 'North East' of America.
Secondly, that they've been hit just as badly by the snow as we Londoners have - if not worse.

Looks like I will be needing those pair of Topshop gloves after all...!

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