Sunday, 26 December 2010

Boxing Day in the UK

It appears that Boxing Day seems to be a popular calender date on which to go away (on holiday I mean, not off in a sulk). Both my Facebook and Twitter have been full of exclamations of people's excitement:

"Off to Australia, wont be contactable for the next month."

"Leaving for the airport!! Eeee!"

"YES, hello skiing."

How horribly depressing for me to read.

Whether it be due to 'Mills Family' traditions, or just a lack of Christmas spirit, Boxing Day for me implies the following things - leftover turkey, watching films, and lazing around. In fact, I'm currently sitting on my bed, with both my sisters in the room, having just scoffed our faces with tea and chocolate biscuits.

It fills me with the sense of being incredibly British; which led me onto thinking the question - What are the Christmas traditions in New York? Surely the Big Apple is filled with more than enough excitement and entertainment for the whole world, not just the glamourous citizens of the thriving capital.

I discovered an article online from an indie travel guide (never in my life have I felt like such a tourist whilst being in the comfort of my own home?!) which pointed out all the 'un-missable' for a Christmas in New York, and here are my top three favourites:

- The lighting of the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center
'Join stars like Beyonce, Harry Connick Jr. and Tony Bennett for the hour-long celebration, which traditionally kicks off the holiday season in New York.'

- Ice Skating at the rink at Rockefeller Center
'The world-famous rink, sunken below street level, is surrounded by white lights, flags of the world nations, a gorgeous fountain adorned with the Greek God Prometheus and the famous Christmas tree. You can skate, spin or spill accompanied by music pumping through loudspeakers.'

- The Christmas market at Byrant Park
'Over 120 tiny shops line the park’s perimeter, creating a European-style Christmas market. Vendors sell unique gift items from around the world in stalls decorated in their own hand. Jewelry, hand-made crafts, winter hats and gloves, cards, pictures, ornaments and specialty foods are just some of what’s on offer.'

And what's even more exciting is the fact that the famous Christmas tree will still be on display for the first week of January - definitely going to have to get a picture with the Fir itself!

10 days to go...!

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