Monday, 3 January 2011

Bits and Bobs

So today was the last day before the big VAT rise! To be honest, as awful as this may make me sound, it hasnt really phased me that much - although inevitably being a student, I am never a fan when it comes to anything costing above a tenner; but in terms of it affecting my overall lifestyle, I cant say that in a few months to come I'll even remember there was a change - other than the fact that I will have less change in my purse . . . hmm! Maybe this increase is a bit more of a blow than I thought!

Mathematics aside, I hit the city for a spot of shopping to try and fill up my suitcase with some winter warmers. Anyone who opens my wardrobe would be forgiven in thinking that I live in the middle of the Sahara desert; what with all the maxi dresses, shorts and just general lack of anything long sleeved. With "mission:knitwear" in mind, I skimmed through the sales in just about every store there was, before doing a second lap of the shopping centre. I always thinks that helps - lap 1 creates an awareness for the products available, allowing you to assess all stock in different stores before deciding on your favourite ,leaving lap 2 for the direct purchasing - meaning less time spent faffing about with the 'do I, dont I' buying dilemma, and meaning less disappointment when you see the same thing in another store for half the price.
I really am quite clever when you think about it! ;)

First off I started by purchasing this little baby; the original 'snood' - scarf with a hood, not none of this, circular scarf business which has also named itself 'the snood'.! I saw this in River Island and thought it was yummy, as well as being ridiculously soft!

£24.99 River Island

Both my sisters gave the classic "you have weird taste and I hate it" look when I asked them what they thought of it! Personally I think it hits both the practical mark and also the style box - think "hippy goes to the Antartic and makes the most of the caravan rug". Not everyone's cup of tea I suppose!

Topshop was my next destination, as despite being my favourite shop, it also always has an excellent supply of knitwear and accessories. Storming over to the appropriate section left me standing there like a lemon for what felt like forever. It seems that this Winter has seen the rise of the 'animal' trend in Winter accessories - as cute as they may have been, I sadly am not going to be the girl who walks down the street wearing a leopard print bear on my head and 'looks good'. Nor will I be able to 'work' a headband with fluffy ears attached.


My sister forced me to try on this Russian style fur hat, also known as a 'Cossack' to which provided amusement not just to me and my sisters, but also the the female shoppers behind us - I think I must have saved them five minutes of embarrassment, deferring them from trying on the hat for themselves.

I also wanted a pair of shoes which actually had grip on them for once! Being a student has meant that my usual footwear now comes from Primark - and despite the price making it all worth it, there is only so much I can take of slipping around and absorbing water!

New Look

Being a massive fan of the 'wedge' shoe - for once teaming comfort with height - I went for two pairs of similar styles - one with fur edging and another in a camel coloured suede. Both pairs cost approx. £25 each and both are extremley comfortable! (Let's see if I'll still be saying that after a day of shopping in New York!)

Shopping on a budget; done! Now all I need are gloves, tights, hats, etc, etc . . .

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