Friday, 7 January 2011

McQueen Dream

cottys Diner - not yummy!
Grand Central - subway, fucked up druggy woman shouting about 'doing 
it the right way'.....scared for my life! Getting off at 23rd instead 
of 28th due to laziness!
Nest - lovely boutique interior store on ninth avenue.
Shoegasm - nice vintage style shoe store
Blow - hairdressers, 13th street
Moschino - playing Rhianna, trendy, hearts everywhere, on the wall is 
images of the trouser cuts etc, hot male sales assistant
Hugo Boss - cool wooden woven architecture ceiling, not friendly sales 
assistants who told us off for taking pictures.
Alexander McQueen - where the heck is the door?! Self opening 
electronic door - technology. Amazing skull necklace, ring and clutch 
bag. Favorite one is the multiple coloured rhinestoe gold one with a 
skull clasp. Things hanging from the ceiling (manequins) and a big 
curve in the middle of shop (fitting rooms) very futuristic 
architecture, White, jewlery kept in glass containeres like in a 
museum, amazing heels with flower studded gold bottom and heel, 
amazing bag- union jack, studs and skull. Egg chairs.
Stella McCartney - flower wall, bags hangin on wall with carpet area 
and huge mirror, tv screen on mirror advertising the kids range, lots 
of sofas, soulful music began playing when we walked into store, 
spacious open plan with loads of mirrors around store walls, 
decoration with sequins etc
Diane Von F - scented candles as you walk through the door, mixture of 
hot pinks and black and White patterns.
Rubin&Chapelle - warehouse feel to interior with bare brick Walls and 
pipes, rough edged, American and Denmark, one is an architect, which 
you can tell in the cuts, 1997 started but NY store opened in 2002. 
Helpful man - who was the fashion student in this situation?! 
Manipulated cuts and prints to create beautifully intricate shapes. 
Fashion created postcards on wall.
Jeffreys - on the corner, first boutique store here, loud vibrant 
music and a friendly greet, full of clothes makeup shoes bur organised 
a bit like a department store. Fountain in the middle of the store. 
Amazing pair of shoes by Louboutin - studded leopard print. Beautiful 
tiny peace bracelet by 'Suel'. Tooth style necklace in gold by Hannah 
Martin. Animal rings by 'Pamela Love'. Studded leather skirt by 
"Christopher Kane".
Starbucks - "this earl grey tastes like I've shoved my mouth in my 
herb cupboard!"
Twin towers -
Century 21 - like tkMaxx! Disappointing and not stylish and not even 
Tiffany&Co - broadway - beautiful interior like a fairy tale castle 
and with shimmering cyrstals hanging from the ceiling. "once upon a 
time" story book behind the glass.
Chelsea Girl Couture, vintage - spring street - nice vintage store; 
sells Chanel necklaces.
BigDrop New York City - selling glitzy clothes and jewlery
Links - "I like your style"
West Broadway - really nice area!
Longchamp- interesting interior architecture, wavey staircase
Evolution - science and art and soho - sells stuffed animals, skulls, 
shells, upstairs is like a museum of stuffed animals - pretty scary! 
African tribal art.
Cafe Bari - looks yummy
All Saints - iPad for stock search, technology
Takeaway pizza delivered to room!

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